Ice Kachang Linear Switches

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1 x Quantity = 10 Switches


From the designer:

The Ice Kachang tactile was the first switch in our Shaved Ice series and inspired by a childhood favourite dessert thanks to all the Malaysians and Singaporeans in Perth. For those who are familiar with the ice kachang/ais kacang, we hope the colourway is remiscent of some of the many elements you'd find in this amazing dessert..

We decided to make a linear equivalent of the Ice Kachang Tactiles by getting rid of the bump, dodgy leaf of V2, adding some more travel but still long pole and going for a transparent PC stem. The combo also adds some brightness to Aflion's signature deep sound profile.


  • Switch type: Linear
  • Actuation: -
  • Bottom-out: 55g
  • Pre-travel: 2mm
  • Total travel: 3.6mm
  • Factory lube: Hand lubed from the factory
  • Mount type: PCB (5-Pin)
  • Top housing: PC
  • Bottom housing: Nylon
  • Stem: PC
  • Spring: 22mm Single Stage
  • Manufacturer: Aflion
  • Orders of 70 switches or more will come with novelty packaging and a Keebz N Cables Asian Dessert spoon. Disclaimer: the logo print will wear with use and especially if you chuck it in the dishwasher.

1 x Quantity = 10 Switches

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