PE PORON EVA Foam Switch Pads

Material: PE
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Switch Pads are placed onto the PCB to alter the sound profile. Available in 3 materials, PE, PORON and EVA.
  • Material: PE, PORON, EVA
  • Thickness: 0.5mm
  • 120pcs included 

PE Switch Pad
Made from a special type of antistatic PE foam to prevent damaging your board. This material produces a marbly/thocky sound profile.

PORON Switch Pad
PORON is a sound dampening foam which helps reduce the hollow soundprofile in most keyboards. Great for upgrading budget boards and improving sound quality.

EVA Switch Pad
Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a highly sought-after PCB foam that is also used to provide a thocky/poppy sound signature.

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