Durock White Lotus Switches

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1 x Quantity = 10 Switches


The Durock White Lotus are a light tactile switch, with tactility similar to MX Brown switches. The White Lotus is part of Durock's Lotus series which involves entirely new molds for housings and stem to significantly reduce stem wobble as well as incorporate a removable light column. It also has the capability of a pole bottom-out whilst still maintaining 4.0mm total travel distance.


  • Switch type: Tactile
  • Actuation: 46g
  • Bottom-out: 56g
  • Pre-travel: 2mm
  • Total travel: 4mm
  • Factory lubed: Yes
  • Mount type: 5-Pin
  • Top housing: Modified PC & UPE Blend
  • Bottom housing: Nylon
  • Stem: Modified POM
  • Spring: 20mm Gold plated
  • Manufacturer: Durock
1 x Quantity = 10 Switches

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