XCJZ Lucy Silent Linear Switches

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1 x Quantity = 10 Switches


The XCJZ Lucy Silent Linear is based on the HAPE switch, however these utilise brand new housing molds, and an improved blend of materials.

Additional information can be found in this incredibly descriptive review, from the GOAT himself!  

ThereminGoat's review

"The LICHICX Lucy switches are, without a doubt, an absolute masterclass when it comes to silent linear switches. An innovative design, incredible factory lubing, well executed choice of housing materials, and a general construction that is largely consistent across a large batch of switches".


  • Switch type: Silent Linear
  • Actuation: 44g
  • Bottom-out: 55g
  • Pre-travel: 1.9mm
  • Total travel: 3.7mm
  • Factory Lubed: Yes
  • Mount type: 5-Pin
  • Top housing: POK
  • Bottom housing: PA mix with a large portion of GF C5
  • Stem: POM with a custom silicon silencer
  • Spring: 16mm
1 x Quantity = 10 Switches

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