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Melon Milk Tactiles are a medium tactile designed to provide a mellow typing experience inspired by the delicate flavors of the dessert they're themed after. They feature near full travel and HPE housings for a softer bottom out. The HPE housings also provide for a smoother typing experience. Additionally, we’ve opted for custom single staged gold plated long springs in a lighter weight to reduce spring noise and improve comfort during extended typing sessions.

We hope you enjoy this treat! As part of our Fruit Milk Series of switches they will also include a matching collectible milk bottle, and sticker for qualified orders!

What Makes Our Melon Milk Switches Special?

Moderate Tactility

Melon Milk Tactiles feature a moderate sized round tactile bump following almost no pre-travel. The bump is large, but travels a relatively short distance resulting in a distinct and captivating tactile event.

HPE Housing

HPE is an updated UHMWPE blend designed to reduce the malleability of pure UHMWPE. This ensures the switches can withstand the wears of normal use while retaining other benefits of UHMWPE such as a lower coefficient of friction (when compared to POM), self lubrication, and resistance to abrasion.

Custom Single Stage Gold Plated Long Spring

Melon Milk Switches feature custom made 22mm single stage gold plated long springs to further reduce spring noise. The extended length means the springs will sit at a more compressed state translating to a higher initial weight, however, they will bottom out at a light 63.5g. This narrow window of operation between the initial weight and bottom out force results in a snappier typing experience while the light bottom out weight minimizes fatigue during extended typing sessions.

Near Full Travel

By extending the travel distance in our Melon Milk Switches to 3.9mm we reduce the likelihood of downstrokes creating similar levels of impact experienced in extremely long-pole switches. This provides both a physically softer bottom out, and quieter lower-pitched acoustics.


  • Tactile
  • Top Housing: HPE
  • Bottom Housing: HPE
  • Stem: POM
  • Gold plated single-stage 22mm long spring
  • 3.9mm travel
  • 63.5g bottom-out
  • 5 pin (PCB Mount)
  • UNLUBED from factory
  • Collectible sticker included with all orders while supplies last
  • Collectible milk bottle packaging available for orders with 70 or more switches
1 x Quantity = 10 Switches

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