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1 x Quantity = 10 Switches


DK Creamery's Cookie Dough are great for sharing! These silent linears feature intricate Dough TPE silencers within the stem rails to minimize noise during each keystroke allowing you to enjoy your delicious switches without bothering those around you! We combined this with dust-proof stems, refined factory lubing techniques, and the classic combination of polycarbonate top housings, nylon bottom housings, and POM stems to ensure an exquisite typing experience.

What Makes Our Cookie Dough Switches Special?

High Quality Ingredients
Each switch is crafted from only the highest quality materials sourced from around the world. They utilize gold plated springs from Korea, POM from the United States, and Nylon from Japan. All materials are carefully molded at a partner facility, and hand-packed into pints in Las Vegas for your enjoyment.

Our Cookie Dough Switches contain 0 calories per serving! Enjoy a treat without any consequences!

No dairy. No cows. No kidding. Our Cookie Dough Switches are made without milk to ensure more people can enjoy these amazing switches!

Locally Sourced Sustainable Packaging
Our pint containers are proudly made in Las Vegas with materials made in the USA. We utilise only post-consumer recycled fiber and FSC certified pulp. 


  • Silent Linear
  • Top Housing: Polycarbonate
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • Stem: POM and Dough TPE
  • Gold Plated Spring
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 63.5g Bottom-out
  • 5 pin (PCB Mount)
  • Lightly pre-lubed from factory
  • Collectible sticker included with all orders while supplies last.
  • Collectible pint packaging available for orders with 70 or more switches
1 x Quantity = 10 Switches

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