AKKO Black & Gold 3068B Plus (ISO)

Layout: ISO-UK
Switch: AKKO CS Jelly Pink
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The long-awaited Akko 3068B Plus in ISO is finally here. Enjoy the ISO-DE /Nordic /UK layout while having per-key RGB, reprogrammable keys, software support, and three ways of connecting the keyboard to your device - wired via USB, wireless over a USB receiver, or Bluetooth.


  • This 5-pin hot-swap keyboard features a Beken multi-modes chip with BT5.0/2.4Ghz/Type-C all-in-one.

  • With customizable RGB backlighting, this ultra-slim, wired, 65% hot-swappable keyboard can be taken anywhere.

  • Wireless and Wired ( Type-C USB Cable).

  • Included: Keycap puller, user manual, plastic dust cover, novelty keys, USB-A to C cable, 2.4Ghz receiver.

Keycaps: Cherry Profile PBT Double-Shot

Akko 3068B Plus Specification (Multi-Host)

  • Bluetooth Mode: Compatible with BT5.0 and can connect to 3 devices, which can be switched by Fn+E/R/T

  • 2.4G Mode: Switch to this mode by pressing Fn+Y

  • USB Mode: Switch to this mode by pressing Fn+U (Akko Cloud Driver can only be used in this mode)

  • Battery Capacity: 1800mAh

  • Hotswap: Macro can only be programmed in wired mode through Akko Cloud Driver, and can be called in every mode without the software.


Why Hot-swappable?

  • Hot-swappable keyboards allow users to easily change mechanical switches in the case by using a switch puller.

  • Every hot-swappable keyboard that supports 5 pin switches, WILL support 3 pin switches.

  • What most people don’t know is that it isn't the switch that is hot-swappable, it is actually the socket/mount, that the switch connects to on the PCB that is hot-swappable, as it the switch isn’t soldered in place.

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